Business crisis management

The Firm has wide-ranging and significant experience in insolvency law and debt restructuring agreements and plans, especially as regards special administration proceedings. It also offers advice and assistance, including litigation support, both to insolvent entities, in applying for the various insolvency procedures, and to lenders, creditors or liquidators, in the acquisition and restructuring of companies in crisis. Assistance in this field includes business crisis management, including early advice on how to manage the situation of insolvency and on the various procedures available, support in accessing the actual procedures – also working alongside the administrators on the assessment and collection of debts and on the actions brought against the directors and control bodies – and support in the actual liquidation, transfer or restructuring of the company.

The Firm has assisted the entities in charge of special administration proceedings of national and international interest, acquiring wide-ranging and proven experience – unique in this specific field – in the initial phase of access to the procedure, in providing ongoing assistance with regards to both business continuity and the liquidation of assets, as well as in the “administrative” phase of assessment of the claim and the relevant judicial decisions.  Studio Maffei Alberti e Associati has also contributed to a series of legislative amendments to the so-called “Marzano Law” and a number of the Firm’s professionals have acted and continue to act as administrators in special administration procedures.

Maffei Alberti e Associati has wide-ranging and proven knowledge and experience in providing assistance in insolvency proceedings. It supports the administrators in the execution of the related actions and, on the other hand, provides assistance and advice to both insolvent business and creditors, also in light of the forthcoming enactment of the new Business crisis and insolvency code.

The Firm assists companies in identifying signs or indicators of crisis, providing technical and legal support in developing testing systems and organizational models that enable companies to use the relevant findings to take concrete steps to tackle the business crisis, also with the intervention of the control bodies and the assisted crisis resolution body (OCRI), with a view to implementing the debt restructuring process in order to reach a favourable agreement with creditors.

The Firm assists companies, creditors, administrators and investors in business reorganization procedures, debt restructuring agreements and arrangements with creditors and in managing situations of over-indebtedness and certified bailout plans.