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Osservatorio sulla crisi d’impresa

Default and usury

The Brescia Court of Appeal, in its judgment dated 26 March 2019 on the controversial issue of the relationship between usury and default, retraces and endorses the arguments made by the Third Civil Division of the Court of Cassation in ruling No. 27442 of 30 October 2018 (judge-rapporteur: Rossetti). In that ruling, the Court of

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Insider Trading: confiscation must be limited to profit only

Dr. Camilla De Vita The administrative confiscation of the entire “product” of the insider trading offence and the “assets used” to commit it, instead of only the “profit” derived from such offence, is constitutionally unlawful. This conclusion was reached by the Constitutional Court in judgment No. 112 delivered on 10 May 2019 (judge-rapporteur: Francesco Viganò),

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Notizie ed Eventi

Inauguration of the Law Firm

The inauguration of Studio Legale Maffei Alberti e Associati, at its historic headquarters in Bologna, Via Galliera 39, was an occasion to celebrate with professionals, clients and friends the fiftieth anniversary of its establishment by its founding partner Prof. Alberto Maffei Alberti.

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Reforming the business crisis regulations

The conference on “Reforming the business crisis regulations” was an opportunity to present the main features of the business crisis code, highlighting the most convincing aspects of the reform and, at the same time, those parts that probably need to be changed or completely amended. Prof. Guerrieri, in particular, has provided a general overview on

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The new business crisis and insolvency code

  In the prestigious setting of the Bolognini Hall, inside the San Domenico convent in Bologna, a round table on “The new business crisis and insolvency code” was held on May 15, organized by the Comitato Scientifico Master Crisi of the Bologna Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts and by Fondazione Forense Bolognese. The

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Crisis and insolvency code and new corporate governance

On Wednesday, 19 June 2019, at the offices of the law firm Maffei Alberti e Associati On 19 June, Studio Maffei Alberti e Associati welcomed lawyers, chartered accountants and business representatives on the occasion of the launch of MA Convivio, a series of meetings to discuss a number of hot topics in the field of

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